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Welcome to Pebble Bay Bali

A cozy, sea-front, boutique resort.  Just 60km drive towards the east coast of Bali is where you will find our little haven. What awaits you are the breathtaking sea view, variety of delicious food, stunning sun set, panoramic view of the famous Mount Agung and many more …. all beckoning you to relax, unwind and enjoy Bali’s natural attractions. 

Paradise is where we are

Pebble Bay Bali

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Piece of sanctuary

Besides finding ourselves a piece of sanctuary, we hope to make this place the home base for adventure and activity seekers and to help you discover Bali in different ways. We are talking about mountain biking through the natural terrains of Mount Agung, going for a dive and being dazzled by the amazing underwater world of Bali, getting a bird’s eye view of the east coast by paragliding in the skies on a paratrike, photography tours that would leave you snapping away while trekking through padi fields at the early morn, catching farmers ploughing and harvesting on the way and having a lovely breakfast on the hill side, watching the day break and so on.

Peace and Serenity

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About Bali

Bali, one of the most beautiful and diverse spot inAsia, is one of the 18,000 (and counting) islands of Indonesia and has long stood out from the rest of Indonesia. Perhaps it is its traditions or distinctive religious identity, perhaps both; the island has continued to be voted year after year as one of the top 10 destinations to visit (Travel & Leisure Magazine).
Unlike most of its Muslim-populated Indonesian counterparts, Bali’s 5 million people are made up of 90% Hindus. The Balinese-Hindus here follow a distinct form of Hinduism which is a blend of Buddhism, Hinduism and local beliefs over the centuries. The Balinese-Hindus take their traditions and religion very seriously and the island is home to a thousand or more temples hence its alias – The Island of Gods. Their religious festivals, big or small, are common occurrences throughout the year. Despite the influx of tourism, the culture is still very much alive which we believe is one of the reasons that make the island so alluring.
As a community, the Balinese are very communal and tight while at the same time absolutely friendly and warm to outsiders. Each family you get to know has huge extended families. So it’s not surprising when you do meet a Balinese that he will always have someone in the family who is a driver, a fisherman, a painter, a tattooist or healer, should you need one.
Bali is also well know for many forms of art which includes painting, sculpturing, wood-carving, handicrafts and performing arts. Much of their work is inspired by Hindu epics. The main language spoken here are mainly Balinese and Indonesian.
English is quickly becoming the 3rd common language in Bali given the rising tourism.
You can probably drive around Bali in a day and do a day tour to the other corner of the island given that it’s only 5,632 square kilometre! However, it’s not so flat terrain and uneven roads make it ideal for you to focus on a spot or two if you only have a few days here.
There is just so much to see, do, and places to be at and you can only really soak in the culture and the island’s magic if you take your time. The main tourist area stretches from Kuta through Seminyak . Kuta became a major attraction during the 1970’s tourist boom for its white sandy beaches, its surf and stunning sunsets. Today, this same stretch is still ever popular with many restaurants, hotels and bars all lined up along.
For those seeking a quieter retreat, they tend to head towards Sanur, CANDI DASA or further up north to Lovina. You can expect pleasant tropical weather all year round in Bali being so close to the Equator.
The average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius. During the Monsoon season which starts from December to March, though one is to expect more rainfall and higher humidity, the days are usually sunny with the rain coming down mostly at night. 
Bali’s natural beauty, vibrant culture, all-year-round pleasant climate are just some of the reasons that the island is regarded by many visitors as the “Ultimate Island”. It is in our opinion a place you need to visit and experience for yourself to understand its magnetic draw.