The Pebble Bay Bali Sale

Information and details


P.T. Batu Sari Resort / Pebble Bay Bali


Jalan Raya Candidasa,
Amlapura Bali,
Indonesia 80851
(Company has already been registered with Google Maps)

Land Size:
12 ares (1,200 sqm)

Facing Sea & main road
(Only such undeveloped site in Candidasa available)

Locally owned registered resort – SHM

Land Lease:
Until 11 January 2030 – As in contract, PBB can be leased again at market price for another 20 yrs or more

*With the completion of the new highway in 2014, the traveling time from the airport to Pebble Bay Bali has been shorten tremendously.

Included in sale


  • Toilet fixtures
    • Sink and fittings x 17
    • Hand shower x 17
    • Rain shower x 17
    • Bathtub x 2
  • Electrical Fixtures complete
  • Ceiling Fan x 19
  • King size bed frame x 17
  • Single size bunk beds frames x 6
  • Bed side side tables x 34
  • Built in wardrobe x 13
  • Aircon x 17
  • Solar panel water heaters x 17
  • Complete sets of septic tanks
  • Website domain: (
  • Email: (

Project status

Construction status:
80% completed.

Pre-ordered bed room furniture:
50% made & stored at the factory.

Best grade building materials used in construction & equipment.

Completion time:
Approximately 4 months to complete using same building contractor.



Resort has been advertising via website & has created contacts for the following facilities / capabilities:

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Mountain biking (on/off road) tours
  • Deep sea fishing tours
  • Hiking tours
  • Photography tours
  • Various island and cultural tours

Reason for sale

Shares from owners investments were supposed to be used to complete and run Pebble Bay Bali. The shares went down. Too proud to ask for a bank loan and wanted to keep Pebble Bay Bali within the family.

Sketches of Pebble Bay Bali

Ground level main building

Left wing

Our unique ground story lobby is carefully designed to utilise as much space possible to run this resort.  The main office with it’s curved design reception makes it easier for the staff to work. We also have a large room with plenty of space for storage and the daily necessities to run a resort. Attached toilet and shower specially for the staff, and also a rest area. The staff here in Pebble Bay Bali will be well trained and taken care off.

Left wing – reception, store room & staff area
Right wing – retail section

Right wing

Similar design to the ground story lobby, this area is designed for a variety of businesses. The frontage has large windows to attract passerby to come into the retail store and also be attracted to the resort. The business plan was to have a Dive center/retail store/tour reception/wash area for dive equipment/shower & toilets for divers etc…

Sketches of the projected resort design

Illustration and Updates